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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Recently I've got a bit obsessive with watching beauty content videos. I think they are delicious and highly addictive. That first moment when you open a new palette. The unboxing of a much desired lipstick. Yum ! It gives me that happy content feeling when you have something new and untouched and it's so pristine and perfect.

I thought I'd have a try at filming some of the gorgeous products I get to play with day in day out on set and at home. So far I've loved making videos. Even if it is way harder than I ever imagined. Getting the lighting right, holding the products to get the best angles, filming on a phone, tripods, lights, shadows And then there is seeing my dry cuticles and wishing I had more delicate hands and prettier nails !

Editing is definately going to take some getting used to and practise. However the video below is using some of my absolute favourite lash products from @sweedbeauty which I always go to for clients. Whether a red carpet look, model or bride they have the perfect amount of flutteriness. I love the nikki no lash in particular as featured here.

As a fair lash girl I'm always keen to try new mascaras and the video shows the new Sweed beauty cloud mascara. Not only do I love the packaging (my fave colour ) it gives me a perfectly full lash look elongating each and every lash for the better !



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